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Axium Consulting Group is an entity offering Engineering & Consulting Services to companies engaged in General Engineering, Manufacturing, Process, Logistics and Finance.

The ever growing demand to excel, meet global standards in various Engineering parameters and to innovate has created a vacuum for requirement of trusted partners keen to work hands on and deliver.

We at Axium understand this requirement and have formulated our offer to fit in the specific and tailor made needs of the customers in varied areas. We are also working with a elite/qualified group of external consultants, with specific & rich experience in chosen fields to bring to our customers, the best solutions they need at their door steps. Our Current Experience ranges providing services to various companies in Automotive Assembly, Auto Component Manufacturing, Telecom Manufacturing, Telecom Repair & Servicing, Food & Beverages, Logistics, Supply Chain Services, Warehousing, Financial Institutions & Investment Guidance Firms.

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