Certification & Valuation

Companies which are in the business of Engineering Goods, Financial Services, Import & Export of Goods are required to fulfil regulatory requirements for the purpose of compliance and certification. We at Axium can help with the below requirements.

1. Chartered Engineering  РCertification for EPCG, DBK1, Appendix 32, Fixation of Input/Output Norms, Installation, Useful Life & Functional Validation of Assets

2. Fixed Asset Valuation -Fixed Asset Valuation of Land, Building, Machinery, Fittings & Furniture for the purpose of Secured Lending, Sale, Internal Auditing, Insurance

3. Techno Commercial Evaluation -Evaluation of Fixed Assets for the purpose of Startups, Mergers, Acquisitions, Liquidation & Asset Reconstruction

4. Project Valuation -Project Cost Estimation for the purpose of Secured Lending & Feasibility Study