Chartered Engineering

Chartered Engineers are qualified professionals who are specialized in the field of issuing certificates as required by companies in the Export-Import and License work.

Some of the applications include certification of Advance License application, EPCG license application, Duty Drawback statements, Consumption Certificates, Utilization Certificates, Wastage Certificates, Manufacturing Process Certificates, Certificates required by customs, banks and financial institutions. We have a team of approved Chartered Engineers and we carry out the Inspections and then prepare a comprehensive report mentioning above mentioned details.

Details of CE Certificates Provided

EPCG Licensing Application Appendix 32ACE Certificate For Fixation Of Sion Appendix 32BMachine Installation Certifications & Wastage Certificates
Assessment of Useful Life of MachineryProject CertificationCertification For Import / Export Of Plant & Machinery / Raw Material / Spares
Certificate For Procurement / Import Of Material For SEZ/DTA Units
Manufacturing Process CertificatesRaw Material Consumption Certificates
End Use Certificates
Fixation Of Input / Output Norms
Bureau Of Indian Standards Certification By Chartered Engineer
Certification of DBK1 statementResidual Life of Machinery Preshipment Inspection
Certification for supply of good/ Works/ Services for Tender/Bidding PurposeComputation of Installed CapacityMachine Utilization Certificate