Challenges in the modern Supply Chain


Challenges in the modern Supply Chain

Supply Chain is the entity which encompasses the total Material & Information Flow from the Supplier to Operations and to Customer. It covers wide network all the way from Supplier Operations, Inbound Logistics, Inbound Warehouses, Manufacturing Operations, Shipping Warehouse, Outbound Logistics and to the final delivery point which is the Customer.

The current Business Environment poses varied Challenges to Supply Chain Entities today. It is very important that Companies have to focus on these Challenges which will bring about Cost Reduction, Increased Cash Flow, Faster Turn Around Time and Increase in Overall Efficiency.

The challenges faced by Supply Chain Entities today are

  • Inconsistent Production Schedules
  • Unpredictable Delivery Schedules
  • Increasing Service Lead Times
  • High Inventory Levels & Obsolescence Risk
  • Tied Cash Flow
  • Complex Supply Networks
  • Managing the Current Space Availability
  • Escalating Transportation Costs
  • Increasing Supply Chain Costs

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