Chartered Engineering

Chartered Engineers are qualified professionals who are specialized in the field of issuing certificates as required by companies in the Export-Import and License work. CE Certificates are required by Customs Department, Banks, Government Companies and also some private companies which need the services of a specialized Engineer.

Some of the applications include

  • EPCG Licensing Application,
  • Machine Installation Certification,
  • Wastage Certificates,
  • Assessment of Useful Life of Machinery,
  • Project Certification, Certification For Import / Export Of Plant & Machinery / Raw Material / Spares,
  • Certificate For Procurement / Import Of Material For SEZ/DTA Units,
  • Manufacturing Process Certificates,
  • Raw Material Consumption Certificates, End Use Certificates,
  • Fixation Of Input / Output Norms,
  • Bureau Of Indian Standards Certification By Chartered Engineer,
  • Certification of DBK1 statement,
  • Residual Life of Machinery,
  • Preshipment Inspection,
  • Certification for supply of good/ Works/ Services for Tender/Bidding Purpose
  • Computation of Installed Capacity, Machine Utilization Certificate
Chartered Engineering

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