Inspection & Auditing

At Axium we offer Inspection services for various Industry needs which helps customer to monitor, reduce risks, improving quality & accuracy. We offer industries to various industries like Automotive, General Engineering, Telecom, Customs, Process Industries. The various types of Inspection Services offered by Axium are as below


  1. Third Party Inspection – For the purpose of determining useful life of Assets, Quality & Functionality of Assets, Internal Auditing & for other statutory requirements
  2. Inventory Auditing – Having the Right Inventory is a major factor in improving Costs and reducing Losses in any company. We help in Validating Inventory Accuracy, Location Accuracy, Useful Life of Stock Items.
  3. Pre-Shipment Inspection -For Customers who import products from India it could be a difficult task in ensuring the right goods are shipped before it gets on the ship or plane. We help in Fulfilling the regulatory requirements for Export Shipments and provide Auditing Services to verify quantity & quality items before being shipped out of India
  4. Customs Inspection – Verification & Certification of Imported Capital Goods for the purpose of Duty Drawback, EPCG Requirements.