Tool Management


Right tools at the Right Time and at the Right Cost—brings the overall CPC down & improve productivity in Machining operations. Our Tool Management Module brings the best practices across the Industry and thereby implementing cost efficient means to manage your tooling for increasing productivity and reducing cost in line with your Quality and productivity requirements.

Benefits of Tool Management

  1. Single Point of Contact for Tool Related Issue
  2. Improved CPC
  3. Vendor Rationalization
  4. Reduction in Tool Obsolescence
  5. Reduced Machine downtime for want of tool assembly (measured in terms of machine cost / hr)
  6. Reduction Manpower cost (salary + PF+Incentive) employed for tool assembly / technical aspects
  7. Increased Efficiency for Inhouse Engineering Team
  8. Tooling Cost Reduction
  9. Reduction in Management time saved by avoiding meetings with multiple sources for Procurement , Negotiations, Trials, Selection , Placing Orders, Tool Follow-Up,Regrinding, Recoating, Inventory Levels, Chip-off, Tool Breakage etc.
  10. Reduced Inventory carrying cost – maintaining minimum tools for production