Third Party Inspection

Many companies are in need for an inspection done by third party and external to the company for their critical processes. This is required for multiple reasons like Compliance, Regulatory Requirements, Management or Customer Requirements to ensure transparent & fair inspection process done by an inspection agency which does not have direct interests either with the company or the requestor, or it could be inspection done by people with required competencies who are not available internally with the company.

At Axium we have a experienced team handling Inspection Requirements like

  • Validating Useful life of Tools & Consumables,
  • Visual Inspection of Mechanical,
  • Electrical & Electronic Equipment,
  • Inspection of Design Parameters for Manufactured Components,
  • Inspection of Wear & Tear,
  • Inspection of Land,
  • Building & Building Utilities,
  • Inspection of Processes like Metal Cutting, Repair Processes etc.

We deal with mostly Inspection aspects like Visual Verification of Dimension Checking or or Quality Checking and if Functional Testing is required we engage with authorized testing agencies to perform the requirement for us.

Third Party Inspection

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